Computing at Oughtrington

At Oughtrington, we recognise that a secure understanding of computing is essential for our children in order to prepare them for life in the digital age. We have invested in a wide range of resources that will enable our children to excel in computing.




ICT is used to enhance learning throughout the curriculum. In addition to learning computing skills as focused lessons, we also incorporate aspects of ICT to enhance learning in many other areas. This includes PE where we use it to perfect aspects of gymnastics or improve tactical awareness in games – we also link to our “Real PE” scheme through exemplar videos and information. In Science, we use Data Log boxes to record information from investigations. We create our own musical compositions in KS1 using Purple Mash software and in KS2 using Garageband. We intergrate the use of iPads during lessons for research and presentation purposes as well as to develop unerstanding across the curriculum through the use of interactive games and quizes. The children have regular experience presenting their work using ICT and can use a wide variety of up-to-date software, with confidence, by the time the exit the school in Year 6.



Our children are well on the way to developing excellent programming skills in line with the new curriculum. In KS1 they begin by devising sequences of instructions to control programmable toys. We then introduce screen turtles and LOGO to develop their use of algorithms – planning several steps in advance and making decisions and predictions. The children learn to debug their programs when things go wrong. Scratch is used to produce animations and simple games linked to topics. For example in Year 6 the children are challenged to make an “Escape the Trench” game to link with their topic on WW1. We have LEGO WEDO resources so they can design, build and program models which respond to inputs from sensors. As the children progress, we have the capability to grow with their increasing understanding.

It is important that at Oughtrington we provide the children with building blocks for them to become digital citizens. We inspire them to create as well as just use. We show them to behave in a way online that is socially aware and responsible and consider the implications of negative behaviour on individuals. We teach them how to be safe and to keep their information secure, based around the SMART rules. We complete online safety lessons each term focussing on different area, and complete whole school and key stage assemblies based on online safety. We also particpate in nation wide inititaives such as 'Safer Internet Day'. We share e-safety information and advice regularly with parents at information evenings, through written communication and regular updates and links on Class Dojo. 

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