Growth Mindset Intention Statement

Growth Mindset Intention

At Oughtrington Community Primary School, instilling all of our pupils with a growth mind-set has become one of our key priorities. As research shows, pupils with a positive attitude to learning will make good progress and be more successful. Using Carol Dwek’s techniques we provide enriching, challenging and meaningful experiences that encourage our pupils to become more resilient across all subjects of the curriculum. Our belief is that we should learn, explore and grow together. Through developing a positive attitude to their learning our pupils:

  • Learn from and celebrate mistakes
  • Believe in the power of ‘yet’
  • Persevere in order to succeed – we don’t give up!
  • Learn collaboratively – exploring each other’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Take risks and embrace challenge
  • Exercise our brains like muscles that are always getting stronger

For more information about helping your child to develop a Growth Mind-set please see the links below:

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