Multi Academy Trust (MAT) FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are we considering becoming part of an MAT?
Current government expectation is that all schools will become part of a MAT.
We already work closely with a number of schools and believe to formalise this relationship would make us stronger together.

2. What are the benefits of becoming a MAT?
ï‚· The key benefit is protecting what our school has into the future, so that we do not become isolated, but remain at the forefront of educational development and improvement.
ï‚· Our school strives to provide opportunities for our children. The MAT would support this and increase the range of opportunities we could offer our children.
ï‚· It would provide support for the school at a time when the local authority role is diminishing. e.g SEN support, School Advisory Service.
ï‚· It would develop staff skills through collaborative working e.g. moderation support, sharing good practice.
ï‚· It would provide staff with professional development opportunities and afford further retention opportunities.
ï‚· The MAT would be aspirational and demonstrate a ‘can do’ attitude that would permeate the schools and cultures within them to impact positively on everyone’s outlook.
ï‚· There would be potential to utilise the expertise within the MAT, such as business links and funding streams to fund projects and support the school at a time when budgets continue to be squeezed.

3. What would change in our school?
There would be no day to day differences experienced by pupils within school and we would retain our uniqueness. We would continue to maintain and develop the excellent levels of teaching, learning and outcomes for children.

As now, the school would receive its budget based on pupil numbers. School would receive funding directly from central government. The MAT would take a small percentage of our budget, as the local authority do, to provide services that are shared between the schools. As such there would be no change in funding per pupil. We would still have a governing board. They would continue to make decisions that impact on our children and families. The governing board of each school would be accountable to the trustees and members of the MAT rather than the local authority.

4. Will schools within a MAT still be inspected by Ofsted?
Yes, all academies are inspected by Ofsted using the same framework and timescales as maintained schools. Schools within the MAT will continue to be inspected separately; however, this may change in line with government policy.

Ofsted will also carry out inspections of the trust as whole.

5. Does becoming an academy have any impact on our admissions or transition to Lymm High Schools?
There are no anticipated changes to the current system.

6. When will this happen?
Schools have been working together for a number of years and we have now received an Academy Order from the Regional Schools Commissioner. Schools will only proceed with a MAT conversion if they are satisfied with the outcome of a thorough due diligence process. We are therefore not currently in a position to confirm potential conversion dates other than stating that it is highly unlikely to be before the summer term 2021.

7. How will parents be updated?
Each school’s governing board will update and engage with parents and the broader community.

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