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Warrington's Local Offer

How does the school know if my child needs extra help?

Your child’s progress will be continuously monitored by their class teacher on a daily basis using questioning, observations, discussions with pupils and oral and written feedback regarding understanding of specific learning objectives or experiences.

Formal assessments of Reading, Writing and Maths take place every term and the information is collated on our tracker system.

If your child requires a more sensitive approach, their class teacher will be advised by the school’s SENCo (Special Education Needs Coordinator) to use either ‘Bsquared’ or ‘P Scales’, depending on their individual needs.  The results are analysed rigorously by our Senior Leadership Team (SLT) to determine the amount and rate of progress that each child is making individually.

Our SLT will then conduct Pupil Progress Meetings with all teaching staff to discuss individual pupil progress and whether interventions are required.  At this stage, if your child is already benefitting from an invention program, this will be reviewed using the ‘Assess, Plan, Do, Review’ approach.  Next steps will be agreed between class teacher, SLT and if relevant a Learning Support Assistant or Teaching Assistant.

At the end of each key stage (Year 2 and Year 6) all children are required to be formally assessed using Standard Assessment Tests (SATS). This is a government requirement for all schools and the results are published nationally.

If your child requires ‘SEN Support’ they will have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) written for them by their class teacher and monitored by our SENCo.


What should I do if I think my child may have special educational needs?

If you feel that your child may have special educational needs, consult their class teacher in the first instance. This can be done through direct contact with the class teacher or you can contact our office, who will be delighted to make an appointment for you.

If you feel that, following this meeting, your child’s needs are not being managed correctly, you should contact our office and arrange a meeting with the relevant Team Leader.

Should you still feel that you child’s needs are not being met please make an appointment to discuss your concerns with:

Key Stage 1 Deputy Head

Key Stage 2 Deputy Head

Finally, if you are still unhappy please contact the office to make an appointment with our Head Teacher, who is also the SENCo.


How will the school help me to support my child's learning?

At Oughtrington, our doors are always open for you to come and discuss any concerns regarding your child/children at any time.  Simply make an appointment directly with the class teacher or through our office staff.

As detailed above we have rigorous assessment procedures in place and all of our staff are highly skilled in assessing pupil progress on a daily basis.  Class teachers liaise daily with Teaching Assistants and Learning Support Assistant to provide the best possible learning environment for your child to succeed and develop.  Assisting your child in reaching their full potential is our primary concern.

We have two Parent’s Evenings in each academic year; your child’s teacher will discuss how our teaching and learning is delivered and how you can support your child at home.

Pupil Progress Reports are produced by teachers for parents and pupils either mid-year or at the end of the school year.

In cases where daily contact is required between parents, staff and pupils a ‘home school’ book can be provided.  We can also email or dojo should your child’s individual needs require this specialised service.

At the beginning of each school year, every year group hosts a ‘Welcome Evening’.  You will be advised of everything you need to know for the year ahead with regards to curriculum, homework, reporting procedures and ways to support your child’s learning at home.  A newsletter is distributed every week.  This will keep you up to date with recent achievements and upcoming events for the school as a whole.


What specialist services and expertise are available at or accessed by the school?

We currently access the following services via the Local Authority:

 Speech and Language Therapy

 Occupational Therapy

 Educational Psychologist

.  School Nurse

 Complex Case Panel

 CAHMS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service)

 St Joseph’s Family Centre

 Educational Health Care Planning Team


How will the curriculum be differentiated to my child's needs?

Should you have concerns that your child may have an SEND need, your child’s teacher will discuss your son/daughter’s progress to date with you.  At this meeting, the teacher will agree next steps for your child using our Graduated Response Approach and arrange a review date with you for the near future.  Your child’s teacher, if appropriate, will consult the SENCo regarding your concerns.

Should these initial measures not meet the needs of your child, other measures such as IEP’s and requests for involvement for outside agencies will be discussed and completed.

An IEP is drawn up by the class teacher to help the parent and the school identify the child's needs and to target areas of particular difficulty.  The IEP will give details of learning targets for the child to reach in a given time, who will support the child and how that support will be organised, what materials and methods should be used, how success in the target will be measured and what contribution a parent can make. This plan will be discussed with the child and a copy of it will be given to the parent.

At all stages of SEN our school will communicate and work with parents effectively, this may be in terms of writing and agreeing IEPs, working on EHCPs (Educational Health Care Plans) or Annual Reviews.

SENCO -       Miss Marsland

Assistant SENCO -    Mrs Clayton