‘We must view young people not as empty bottles to be filled, but as candles to be lit.’ 
Robert H. Shaffer

At Oughtrington assemblies form a valuable part of the school day, coming together as a whole school, as a Key Stage or in year groups allows for collective worship, celebration and reflection time. We have a variety of assemblies through the week (outlined below) and though they have different purposes, each one in line with statutory guidelines, are ‘“wholly or mainly of a broadly Christian character.”


  • Praise Assembly- Celebrating achievements at school and outside of school. A Star of the Week is awarded from each class.
  • Singing Assembly- Joining together as a Key Stage to celebrate through song, with seasonal songs relevant to Key Stage and time of year.
  • Class Assemblies- A chance to celebrate and share the work completed in class with the whole school and parents and carers.
  • Key Stage Assemblies- A chance to come together as a Key Stage for reflection time, discussion of current affairs, all with a focus on our Values theme for the term (for more information on this see the Values section of the website.)

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